Answering the QLUE

Unqualified search for an answer to the Question of Life, Universe, and Everything.

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Cosmos is full of wonder. Things erode, yet things self-organize. Life happened at least once. Intelligence has evolved. We don’t exactly know why or how.

This blog is about seeking an answer to this Question of Life, Universe, and Everything (QLUE). It aims to transcend philosophy into code, testing ideas, and trying to experimentally create things.

Let’s start with the Theory of No Intelligence and embark into the ocean of ideas, failures, and hopefully new insights about the cosmos.

Latest Posts

  • Survivability


  • Cell history

    The M-beta-0 model requires doing orientation-independent frequency analysis on the grid, just to find out if something is moving. This is a very black-boxy approach to movement detection. What if...

  • Cell automata

    The M-alpha-0 model has too many unknowns, but the biggest issue is that, if/when when set up the process, we wouldn’t exactly know what to expect or what to look...

  • First model

    This is where thread hits the road. Let’s try to build an experiment for checking the theory.

  • Starting point

    We start with a basic assumption: the mechanism that forms planets, galaxies, is the same mechanism forming life, and then it creates conciousness. These are levels of complexity emerging naturally,...